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Welcome to BeeBee Wraps

Hi, Kath here! Back in 2017 I launched BeeBee Wraps because I wanted an alternative to clingfilm, and I wanted it to work better than plastic and look cool. That's exactly what we make! BeeBee Wraps are beautiful, reusable, washable, compostable, keep food fresher than plastic, and are so easy to use instead of clingfilm.

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BeeBee Wraps are everything that I was looking for! Surely we are all uncomfortable about how much plastic and clingfilm we use, without a solution....enter BeeBee Wraps! They are perfect for all of your previous clingfilm needs but are beautiful and brilliant for the environment! 

Monica, BeeBee Wraps customer

Setting up the farm shop I worked around the ethos of three words; organic, sustainable and local. BeeBee Wraps ticked all three boxes! As a supplier it is paramount to believe in the product you are selling, with BeeBee wraps that is very easy. At a time when we are more aware than ever of the devastation of plastic overuse the BeeBee Wraps are practically selling themselves! 

Jenny Colgan, Founder of The Farm Shop at Linton and proud BeeBee Wraps Stockist

I have to be honest, I was sceptical that this bread wrap from BeeBee Wraps would keep my bread from going stale but I was so wrong and owe BeeBee Wrap a big “sorry I doubted you”. The loaf is still soft and I will be wasting a lot less bread. I will definitely be adding more of your frankly amazing, plastic free, wraps to my house, especially now that Daily Bread sell them, they are just down the road.

Caroline, Bread baker and BeeBee Wraps customer

We love our BeeBee Wraps, they are definitely the best ones we own, have lasted the longest and stayed nice and tacky so mould really well around anything!

@green_squirrel_cdf (Instagram customer)

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