Beeswax Wraps

The 3 Pack

Inside the 3 pack you will receive 3 wraps of varying sizes:

1 small wrap (18cm x 18cm)
1 medium wrap (26cm x 26cm)
1 large wrap (33cm x 33cm)

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Giant Beeswax Bread Wraps
Jane WD (Swansea, GB)
Great for keeping our homemade bread fresh

This wrap does exactly what we wanted it to. It keeps the bread fresh for days and is simple and easy to use. No plastic waste and no fuss.

Beeswax Wrap On A Roll
Sam Giles (Maidstone, GB)
Where have you BEEn all my life!

I love every product I've had from BeeBee & Leaf, including this one. I cut little bits to cover jars, cut lemons, avocados, the ends of cucumbers - this product marks the end for cling film in my house. And the bright colours are really lovely, they always make me smile when I open the fridge.

Don't waste money on planet destroying cling film or plastic sandwich bags - get this wrap (and the other beautiful waxed products) and save money, the planet and your mood x

Large Beeswax Bread Bag with Sewn Gusset
Fiona Redman (Bournemouth, GB)
Excellent product

Exactly as described and really keeps my bread fresh.

Beeswax Food Wraps (Nature Pack of 5)
Nicola McMahon (Doncaster, GB)
Very Happy

I have purchased BeeBee Wraps before and they lasted ages as I used the rewaxing pellets. So I’m looking forward to using my new ones. So great to not have to keep using cling film which I find is not that easy at times.

Beeswax Food Wraps (Nature Pack of 5)
Sam Giles (Maidstone, GB)
I Love These!

I was looking for a solution to my home made bread going stale so quickly; I tried plastic bags, plastic boxes, wrapping in paper, wrapping in tea towels, wooden boxes, metal boxes - nothing worked, and after 24 hours the bread was hard and stale. I bought a large waxed bag from BeeBee and WOW! My bread stays soft for days (not that is lasts more than 3 days, because hey, it's home made bread, and who can resist home made bread?).

I was fed up using plastic bags for sandwiches - I hate the waste and the impact it has on the planet, so naturally I had to try the BeeBee wraps. I LOVE THEM! I'm still having to remind my husband to wrap his lunch in them - a 50 year habit is hard to break - but I'm getting there. I'm never buying sandwich bags again, so eventually he'll have no choice ;-)

great product

Love the bread bag and really original design. Excellent customer service so thank you

Large Beeswax Bread Bag with Sewn Gusset
Charlotte (Greenwich, GB)
Absolutely love this

Great large size - fits all loaf sizes from my Panasonic bread machine with lots of material to fold down at top. Seems to keep bread fresher than anything else I’ve tried.

Beeswax Food Wraps (Ocean Pack of 5)
Fiona Bledge (Pinner, GB)
Love these wraps

I have been using these wraps for a while now and I am so pleased with the new designs. They are a great alternative to cling film and foil for covering or wrapping food and really easy to keep clean and fresh. Love these!

I liked my smaller ones so bought a bigger one. I thought they might make the food taste funny but they haven’t & I’m really pleased with them & am happy to be helping with the environment issues. Reuse-able wraps are my go to thing!! Thanks bee-bees

These look perfect although I’ve yet to try them out!

It was a nice big bread bag that can contain a nice large loaf!

Beeswax Wrap On A Roll
Jane Evans (Colchester, GB)
Wax Roll


Lovely product, good service

I bought BeeBee and Wrap wraps about 4 years ago and they lasted amazingly well. They have even spent time sailing around the Med. Finally got round to replacing them as they were not as sticky and supple as they used to be ( sorry I know I could have wax refreshed them but I had left it too long. Maybe next time. ) Anyway, I once more have lovely , smooth , very useful wraps. Worth the money, and goods customer service. Thank you

Giant Beeswax Bread Wraps
Abigail Tunnicliffe (Bristol, GB)
Great product - keeping my bread fresh!

I bought this as I have been making my own bread, very impressed and use it almost everyday and still shows no sign of wear!

Large Beeswax Bread Bag with Sewn Gusset
Nicholas Taylor (Welham Green, GB)
It really works

This is a great product. It’s highly practical, keeps food fresh and cuts down on cling film.

Good eco-friendly bag

Whilst I love the smell of honey, I did think it might taint the bread but no, it doesn’t. Good bag for a standard size loaf made in a bread machine. Don’t think the extra large loaf would fit it but I haven’t tried that one yet.
Time will tell if it lasts as long as it suggests.
Pretty wrapper and better than any other I have tried.

Love these food wraps

The patterns are so cute and they have been keeping our chopped fruits and veggies fresher for longer. I want to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the house and these have been super helpful.

Vegan Certified Wax Food Wraps (Botanics)
Rosamund Kidman Cox (Bristol, GB)
excellent food wraps

I would have given them five stars, except that I was disappointed by the ‘large’ one in the three-pack, which I wanted for bread but doesn’t even cover a small loaf or half a loaf (as my old one did).

Beeswax Food Wraps (Ocean - Teeny 5 Pack)
Emma Guise (Cambridge, GB)

Beautiful sustainable food wraps

Excellent products

The BeeBeeWraps do their job admirably and are a joy to use. If you already have loads get some in to give to friends SMS family, spread the joy. And of course smile from within because you're helping to spread the word that cling film, aluminium foil and plastic bags are not necessary.

Bought one for myself at Country Living Fair

Generated so many positive comments I had to buy them for many friends and family. They do keep your bread pretty fresh.

Wonderful products

I've been hooked since I first came across these wonderful products. They come in wonderful designs, they do what they say they do (and more) and I've never been disappointed. Plus the staff are amazing, very helpful and thoughtful.
Bought loads for my friends and family this year so that they too can fall in love with these lovely products.
Thank you Beebee wraps. 🥰

Large Beeswax Bread Bag with Sewn Gusset
Kari Stewart (St Albans, GB)
Love this for storing my bread!

No more trying to stretch too-small wax wrappers around large loaves of sourdough. This is perfect! Yes, a little trickier to clean than a flat wrap, but in my opinion it's worth it. And as a bonus it looks really good on my kitchen counter!

Beeswax Food Wraps (Chevron Pack of 3)
Victoria John (Shaftesbury, GB)
BeeBee and leaf food wraps

I love these! Look stylish and work perfectly . Will be buying more for Christmas gifts or my foodie friends

Beeswax Wrap On A Roll
Victoria John (Shaftesbury, GB)
Bee Bee and leaf wraps on a roll

Really excellent products - so useful and look so nice. I will definitely be getting some as gifts for friends!thank you so much