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How do BeeBee Wraps work?
Beeswax, tree resin and jojoba are anti-bacterial and natural preservatives. The organic cotton, when infused with this blend, creates a seal which is still breathable, therefore your food remains fresher for longer. Using the heat of your hands shape BeeBee Wraps around bowls and food to create a breathable seal.

How does heat interact with BeeBee Wraps
BeeBee Wraps are made from beeswax which will feel different at varying temperatures. In warmer environments they feel softer, in colder, they feel harder and not as tacky. BeeBee Wraps will melt 60 degrees. Whilst you are unlikely to experience ambient temperatures reaching 60 degrees, direct sunlight may well.
Don’t use in the oven, dishwasher, washing machine or microwave or you’ll be saying bye bye BeeBee!
Ensure the food is cold before wrapping.

How long will a BeeBee Wrap last?
With love, your BeeBee Wrap should last up to a year. The tackiness of your wrap will reduce with use however, they can still work effectively to wrap food. Please follow direction for pasteurising and refreshing here

BeeBee Wraps smell delicious but will they affect my food?
The BeeBee Wraps fragrance doesn’t pass on to the food and will diminish over time with washing.

Keeping my BeeBee Wrap in good condition
Some foods will stain your BeeBee Wrap adding to its personality! However, if you’d prefer it not to be stained avoid direct contact with foods that stain clothes on contact, for example, tomato sauce, blackcurrants, avocados.

Which foods are great to use with BeeBee Wraps?
There really is no end to the food you can cover in BeeBee Wraps. Experiment and try whatever you normally eat!

The Bread wrap is perfect for keeping bread fresh, whilst it seals around the bread to prevent staling it allows the bread to breath prolonging its life. No more moldy ends! It is also fabulous at packing up a picnic of foods which can be stored together e.g. a mountain of sandwiches!

The Large wrap works well with cheeses. Your cheese will not sweat or crack on the corners. Sandwiches too will be fresher than ever and the wrap is a convenient lap plate for your lunch on the move. Large platters also do wonderfully well under a large wrap.

Our medium and small wraps are wonderful at preserving fruit and veg once cut. Try wrapping the end of cucumber, half a squash, avocado or lemon, they cover bowls with ease.

Fold the wraps into box shapes to store food in the fridge, and pouches to carry nuts, crisps, and chocolate.

Avoid raw meat. Pineapple may reduce the lifespan.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, BeeBee Wraps are available to ship globally.

Who makes BeeBee Wraps
BeeBee Wraps are handmade by Kath and the growing BeeBee team in Cambridge, UK.

Why are BeeBee Wraps good news for the natural world?
We use organic cotton which is a sustainable crop as it uses fewer pesticides. The bees’ natural habitat is better protected and we don’t receive a nasty dose of chemicals.
Many of the ingredients in our blend are natural by-products.
By using BeeBee Wraps in place of plastic you are preventing more plastic pollution. Plastic takes over 400 years to fully biodegrade and causes untold harm to the natural world in the meantime.