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About BeeBee Wraps

Reusable  Non-toxic  Biodegradable  Sustainable  Anti-bacterial  Organic Cotton  Handmade in Cambridge, UK

BeeBee Wraps, beautiful, reusable, sustainable, beeswax food wrap

BeeBee Wraps came to life because of the real need for a sustainable alternative to plastic, something that works really well and looks beautiful too!

My name is Kath Austin. BeeBee Wraps started in my kitchen. The amount of single-use plastic we consumed was unacceptable to me. A good friend, Karen, introduced me to the idea that people have used beeswax coated cotton to preserve food for centuries. I felt intrigued to rediscover this old-fashioned art and unearth its potential for the world we live in now. After months of experimenting with different formulas in my kitchen came the BeeBee Wrap.

Nature moves in cycles, and everything created returns to the earth. Nature doesn't pollute itself, and yet here we humans are, creating billions of plastic items destined for landfill and oceans for hundreds of years to come. BeeBee Wraps are made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, all of which will biodegrade on your compost heap and return to nature without a trace.

BeeBee Wraps is a circular economy and we aim for zero waste in our production process. All of our scrap fabric is turned into BeeBee Burners, amazingly effective firelighters that burn slowly like a candle and stay lit even in wet grass. They will be available on our website soon.

Making BeeBee Wraps beautiful is very important. Why should the environmentally friendly option not enhance our own surroundings? BeeBee Wraps are made with gorgeous designs that will sit well alongside other great brands.

With humble beginnings we are, rather aptly, growing organically being introduced to households every day as a way to make a personal and impactful contribution to preserving our world.

Love our planet.


Kath Austin
CEO and Founder