Why do we need solutions like BeeBee Wraps?

Why Not Plastic? 

Plastic pollution on beach

Fantastic Plastic?  

Plastic is robust, right? Yes, it's so robust it is a wonder material for a multitude of uses. The problem with plastic is that most of it isn't biodegradable. It doesn't return to the earth quickly. Instead it takes hundreds of years to break down and in the meantime, it causes untold damage. Recycling is an answer, however, not all plastic can be recycled, and what can be cannot be recycled indefinitely like glass or metal. 


Dead Albatross with plastic pollution in stomach

Blue Planet's Warning

You would have had to live under a rock for the past few years to not know about the ever more urgent plastic pollution crisis. David Attenborough and The Blue Planet team brought the issue to the forefront back in 2017 to the horror of millions of viewers.





Ganet caught in plastic fishing net

Stats to scream at

Each year, 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of which is single-use. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the world's oceans every year and much of that originates from land. The annual figure for the numbers of sea animals killed by plastic is shocking - 100,000!

Scenes of turtles trapped by robust and non-degrading plastic. Sea birds found dead with hundreds of fragments of plastic in their guts, even fed to their chicks. Mountains of rubbish, much of it plastic, in landfill continuing to grow and the pace getting faster. These are all scenes we are familiar with.


Single use plastic straws

Single-Use Sucks

We don't want to stigmatise plastic, it has it's place. Single-use plastic is what we find inexcusable. There are so few situations in which single-use plastic is warranted.

The answer needs to come from a preventative solution. BeeBee Wraps is one such solution.



BeeBee Wraps on the road


Much of the food we eat is bought and stored in plastic but it need not be that way. Many supermarkets are now offering a zero-waste shopping option. By taking reusable bags and boxes to the supermarket, along with your BeeBee Wraps made into pouches, you can limit the amount of plastic you need to bring home.

Shopping in this way is a clear message to big companies like supermarkets and manufacturers that we don’t want single use plastic where it is not absolutely necessary.

At home storing bread, cheese, half an avocado, leftovers from dinner…all of these would use clingfilm or plastic bags. BeeBee Wraps can cover that too.
Taking out some nuts, sandwiches on the go, no need for plastic any more, you can BeeBee Wrap it!

The problem is big but we believe that solutions like BeeBee Wraps will all add up together to make a big difference.