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Bees Needs 2018

Bees’ Needs Week July 9th-16th  is an annual event coordinated by Defra, working alongside other interested charities, businesses, conservation groups and academic institutions to raise awareness of bees and other pollinators and how everyone can help.

Bees are essential in cultivating many of our favourite foods and for plants to flourish in our fields and gardens. BeeBee Wraps have a vested interest in bees as we rely on them for our beeswax. Bees’ Needs Week is a great opportunity to find out more about how important pollinators are and how you can support them.

Here are five simple actions you can take to help pollinators and make sure their populations are sustained:

  1. Grow more flowers, shrubs and trees
  2. Let your garden grow wild
  3. Cut your grass less often
  4. Don’t disturb insect nest and hibernation spots
  5. Think carefully about whether to use pesticides
Below is a great video showing how you can help.

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