Community Masks for NHS make BeeBee specials!

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 Hello friends of BeeBee

2020 - the year that COVID-19 came to visit. None of us will forget how it affected us and the lives lost. It is undoubtedly just awful. 

The human spirit is a funny thing, and we've seen beautiful examples of this with the Thursday evening ' Clap for NHS' campaign and people now saying good morning in the street far more readily. Neighbours are checking in on the vulnerable members of their communities and there are groups just like Community Masks for NHS coming together to create something positive. 

On hearing about the work that Jane and Melissa do, with their team of volunteers, it became very clear we wanted to support them. One of the major components of a BeeBee or Leaf wrap is the organic cotton. We have donated our fabric to help the campaign and raise funds for the NHS. This video says it all and you get to meet these brilliant ladies too.

Kath and Team BeeBee


Support the Community Masks for NHS campaign here and get your own too!

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