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Puffin BeeBee Wraps are here!

Puffin BeeBee beeswax food wraps

Are you like me? Puffins are one of those birds I recognised very early on in life and they remain a fond favourite, not least because of their instantly recognisable colourful beaks and their cute chicks Pufflings (whoever named them that deserves a hug!). When Team BeeBee’s Teo and Oli visited Scotland this summer, they drove an eight hour round trip to visit a colony on the Isle of May which was, by all accounts, a magical experience.

Puffins on Isle of May, Scotland
Photo taken by Teo and Oli during their trip to the Isle of May, Scotland.

Yet, the tragedy is puffins are now on the list of species vulnerable to extinction due to their dwindling numbers in the UK. Working together with scientists, the RSPB is encouraging people across the UK to become part of Project Puffin's team of "Puffarazzi" by sending in photos of puffins with food in their bills from any year and any colony in the hope of understanding why puffins are in decline. Many are convinced the problem is down to a lack of food due to climate change and marine pollution which has affected the distribution and numbers of small fish

Here at BeeBee, we wanted to put these declining puffins centre stage on our plastic-free food wraps. Clingfilm and plastic bags have been our go-to for food storage for decades but they have caused serious immeasurable harm to wildlife in oceans and on land. Using a BeeBee Wrap instead of plastic not only helps to reduce plastic pollution but is far better for food allowing it to breathe.

Puffin BeeBee beeswax food wraps- mixed pack

We wanted to work with the RSPB to help raise funds to support their worthy cause and launched the Puffin wrap in their shops where all profits go towards supporting the work they do. You can also take part in project Puffarazi by clicking here to submit your puffin photos.

Watch Kath introduce Puffin in the video below 👇 

As with all our designs, Puffin is available in our Mixed Pack, Single Wrap, Sandwich Pack and Bread Wrap so you can keep your food fresh with Puffin, no matter its size! Get your hands on yours here and keep a lookout for our new mixed design pack including Puffin which we will be revealing in the next couple of weeks! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear!

Kath Austin

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