What are Beeswax Wraps Used for?

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We’re taking things back to basics this week and answering one of the questions we get asked most when out and about at fairs:

What are beeswax food wraps used for?

Beeswax wraps are used for storing food and keeping it fresh. We often describe BeeBee Wraps as a plastic-free alternative to cling film but they’re SO much better than that wasteful stuff. BeeBee wraps have a breathable quality, unlike cling film which suffocates your food (think soggy sandwiches), meaning your food is kept fresher for longer! Hurray!

BeeBee Wraps are super versatile and can be used on most food in the kitchen. Here are some of TeamBeeBee’s favourite uses for our wraps:

Keeping Bread Fresh

Bread is something we all struggle to store and keep fresh and this is actually one of the principal reasons why Kath started making her own beeswax wraps. She started baking sourdough at home for her young family, but struggled to find an effective storage solution which kept her loaf fresh for longer than half a day. As I’m sure you’ve experienced at home too, plastic bags helped to accelerate the mould growth, and bread bins were only great for a day or two.

BeeBee offer a choice for keeping your bread fresh for as long as possible with either a Giant Bread Wrap or a convenient easy to use Beeswax Wrap Bread Bag

organic cotton beeswax food wraps used for bread

Stop Cheese Sweating

Cheese and BeeBee Wraps are a match made in heaven! No more wincing at wet cheese in your fridge. I used to try so hard to reuse the same piece of clingfilm on a block of cheese but to no avail - the soggy piece of plastic would end up discarded and replaced after most nibbles. Sweaty cheese is now a thing of the past thankfully: cheese stays fresh for so much longer in a BeeBee Wrap.

All BeeBee Beeswax Wraps are perfect for storing cheese and with our Mixed Pack of 3 sizes and our Wrap on a Roll you'll never have sweaty cheese again. BeeBee Wraps Reusable Sandwich Bags are also fantastic for storing cheese and are a quick and easy to use alternative to our flat Beeswax Wraps

Keeping Sandwiches Dry and Compact

BeeBee Wraps are perfect at keeping sandwiches fresh, dry and compact both in your fridge and on the move. There’s nothing worse than diving your hand into your bag to find a wet, unravelled sandwich that clingfilm failed to keep wrapped.

This won’t happen with our Sandwich Pack as our perfectly balanced formula of beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin keeps BeeBee Wraps nice and grippy.

BeeBee Tip: use your BeeBee Wrap as a plate as you eat and catch those inevitable sandwich crumbs!

BeeBee's Reusable Sandwich Bags are great for sandwiches. Just pop in your snadwich, fold over and you're ready to go!

organic cotton beeswax food wrap wrapping a sandwich- BeeBee Sandwich Pack

Herbs and Salad Bags

Stop herbs and salad leaves from becoming wet in the fridge like they do in plastic bags. Create a pouch or a bag from either a Large or Bread Wrap and your green leaves will stay dry and fresh for so much longer! Check out Kath’s zhoug recipe which includes parsley kept wonderfully fresh in a BeeBee Wrap.

BeeBee tip: Learn how to wrap salad leaves below (it’s super easy!).


Covering Food

Use the warmth of your hand to shape a BeeBee Wrap over a bowl, plate or cold baking tray and it will stay firmly in place, keeping whatever lies beneath fresh and covered! From that bit of extra guacamole in a ramekin dish to a potato salad you’ve prepared ahead of time, our Mixed Pack of three different sizes has all food covered (literally!).

organic cotton beeswax food wraps covering a bowl

Fire Lighters

At the end of their life (around a year if you look after yours well) BeeBee Wraps make fantastic firelighters!
Use yours on the BBQ, campfire or wood burning stove to close the zero waste loop.
These are just some of our favourite uses for beeswax wraps.
Basically, BeeBee Wraps' uses are never-ending: wrap half an avocado, leftovers, fruit cake, pasta bake, the end of a cucumber, fruit salad, vegetables, half a lemon, form a potato sac, fold a pouch of nuts...

BeeBee Wrap Whale Pod and a cup of coffee

What food can’t you use beeswax wraps for?

The only food we advise against using with your BeeBee Wraps are directly on raw meat and raw fish.
BUT you can always put them in a bowl then cover with a BeeBee to keep it fresh before cooking. BeeBee's always got your back!
What do you use your BeeBee wraps for? It might be something we've never thought of before so please do share in the comments below!

Roll your BeeBee Wraps


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  • Hi Felicity,
    Good question! Yes you can absolutely use BeeBee Wraps on different types of food. One day it can be used to wrap up your sandwich to take to work and the next to cover a bowl of leftovers. To keep them clean, simply wash in cold soapy water :)

    BeeBee Wraps on
  • Can you reuse these and on different items of food and how do you keep clean

    Anonymous on

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