Why we only use GOTS certified organic cotton

Cotton plant

Here at BeeBee Wraps we are totally committed to working ethically and sustainably throughout our business. We strive for this in every area and have even locked our social mission into our company articles of association. You can read them at Companies House

Using GOTS certified organic cotton is one of the non-negotiable ways we implement our mission to be ethical and sustainable. We thought we’d let you know the top 5 reasons why we choose organic cotton so you can choose us with confidence.

Organic cotton is far better for the environment
With no pesticides or man-made fertilisers, the fibres are free of toxins, the soil is fertile, and CO2 is locked into the soil which helps combat climate change too. Cotton accounts for a quarter of all pesticides used globally whilst only using 3% of the landmass to grow. Plus neonicotinoids pesticides are hugely detrimental to bees who are our greatest love and should be everyones! Without them, we're gone. 

Workers get a fair deal
GOTS certification ensures the producers are traded with fairly and ethically. The production costs are lower enabling businesses an extra boost and with no toxic chemicals, workers are not at risk of coming into contact with toxic chemicals.

Factory conditions are better
GOTS certified organic textiles must meet social criteria based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. These cover minimum wages, working hours, child labour, freedom of association, discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment and more.

Organic farming does not allow genetic modification because it is potentially harmful to wildlife and people. The cost of this is passed on to the producers too and so without the GM means better business.

Strict toxicity regulations
GOTS ensures that the chemicals used in processing textiles meet strict requirements on toxicity and biodegradability. We use low impact dyes which are the environmentally responsible option. Many of the high toxicity chemicals used to dye and finish standard cotton are classified as hazardous by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


BeeBee Wraps would not be an environmentally sound option if we used unsustainable fabric. Why reduce plastic pollution but damage the environment and every user throughout the supply chain too?

That's why it is so crucial. 


Kath Austin

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