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Overwhelm is often cited as the biggest barrier for people in making sustainable changes to their lifestyles. The truth is small changes have a big impact and if we step back when we start our ethical living journeys and take it one small change at a time it doesn’t feel such a huge step.

A really simple swap is cutting out cling film and replacing it with reusable wraps.


Family pack


What are the benefits of vegan and beeswax wraps?

  • Vegan and beeswax wraps are reusable and a great way to reduce your single use plastic use as they make the perfect alternative to cling film
  • They’re compostable and can also be used as firelighters - so zero waste
  • They last up to a year and can have an even longer life by using our new Relax and Rewax Drops to refresh them at home
  • Our wraps are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which is better for the planet, your food and you
  • They’re available in a variety of beautiful designs to brighten up your home
  • They will help you to reduce food waste by keeping your food fresher for longer
  • You can also use them to store bathroom products, cut flowers, and garden seeds. In fact there are so many uses!
  • They are super versatile - you can fold them and shape them in a variety of different ways. They will react to the heat of your hands and can be shaped around food/bowls/bathroom items to create a breathable seal


How are vegan and beeswax wraps made?

Our wax wraps are handmade using only sustainably sourced ingredients. Organic cotton is infused with either a formula of beeswax, rosin, organic jojoba oil for our BeeBee wraps or rice bran wax, sumac wax and resins for our Leaf wraps. They are then cut to size and packed before being lovingly delivered to you.


What can you use vegan and beeswax wraps for?

We have a variety of sizes and packs available – sized for bread, cheese, sandwiches, snacks, and then packs for families and the bathroom. As for what you can use them for – we advise anything but raw meat and fish.


How to use vegan and beeswax wraps

If you want to find out how to fold our wraps, make pouches, refresh them, or keep your cheese, bread and salad fresh check out our series of ‘How to’ videos.


Why is cling film so bad for the environment?

Our vegan and beeswax wraps offer you an easy substitute to cling film which is one of the most used single use plastics. In fact, more than 1.2 billion metres of cling film is used by households across Britain every year – enough to go around the circumference of the world 30 times over!

It is difficult to recycle cling film meaning most of it ends up in landfill where it will stay for hundreds of years.

It is made by melting nurdles (which are tiny plastic pellets) and mixing them with additives. The nurdles are about the size of a lentil - so very small, and billions are used every year to make nearly all of our plastic products. Unfortunately, many end up in our oceans and as they resemble fish eggs are consumed by, or choke, our marine wildlife. More than 220 marine species have been shown to ingest plastic debris. 

This is all avoidable. By one simple change – swapping cling film for reusable vegan and/or beeswax wraps. Of course, there is a bigger single use plastic problem to tackle but this is a start.

Many small changes add up.


Take a look at our vegan and beeswax wraps

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