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How to BeeBee

Using warm hands to shape around containers and food creating a breathable seal, yet keeping food fresh.
Once in the fridge BeeBee Wraps harden further. Avoid heat and raw meat.

Clean your BeeBee Wrap in cold water using a sponge or dishcloth and, if needed, a mild soap. Hang up or drain to dry naturally.

Every few months refresh and pasteurise your BeeBee Wrap in the oven. Place on a sheet of baking paper at 130°C for a maximum of one minute. Remove immediately, carefully hold aloft until dry, a matter of seconds.

Love your BeeBee Wrap and it will last up to twelve months. When you’re finished with your BeeBee Wraps either throw on the compost heap or use as a firelighter for your campfires, BBQs or bonfires. Zero Waste!