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Our Sustainability Policy

BeeBee Wraps were created to help solve the massive environmental problem of plastic pollution. Our aim is to do good and we strive to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible in everything we do. As a social enterprise it is even written into our articles of association.

Less Food Waste and Less Packaging.

BeeBee Wraps are reusable beeswax and organic cotton food wraps. As well as being plastic-free and compostable, they are better at preserving many foods than plastic as they allow food to breathe. Without the build up of moisture in wrapped food there is less mould growth and food lasts longer so you can eat it! 

A Fairer Deal

We work hard to treat all our suppliers fairly. Using clear, honest and open lines of communication. Where possible we will source organically certified ingredients which ensures not only a pure product but also a fairer deal with those who made it along the way. 

Organic Cotton

Our cotton had to be organic, it’s better for everyone, from the farmers who grow it, to you, wrapping your food in it, and the fragile ecosystems we all depend on!

Given BeeBee Wraps exists to solve an environmental problem we don’t want to contribute to another one. Conventional cotton farming uses more pesticides than any other area of agricultural production and is a major cause of freshwater pollution due to high inputs of fertilisers and pesticides. We are committed to only using organic cotton and promoting its use.

GOTS is the leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. It shows commitment to the highest level in environmental and social standards.
GOTS certified factories are audited regularly to check that workers are provided with a safe and clean environment and are paid a living wage (which means either the national standard or industry benchmark, whichever is higher).

No nasty chemicals

GOTS certification ensures that the toxic chemicals commonly used in textile processing are not used, and nor are any pollutants which can destroy our eco-systems or damage health. This means healthier farmers, workers, and a happier planet, plus safer wraps for you to use with your food.

British Beeswax

A sustainable natural resource that has amazing properties - antibacterial, waterproof, low melting point. Our beeswax is sourced from British beekeepers who maintain higher welfare standards ensuring the health of the hive, without the use of banned antibiotics. We work with the local beekeeping associations to promote the hobby and perpetuate bees, which are essential to our survival. By giving economic value to this bi-product of honey it encourages more people to keep bees.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic jojoba oil (phonetically: ho-ho-ba) is obtained by pressing the seeds of the jojoba shrub. Its deep root system and leathery leaves make it well suited to droughts and intense heat and can help improve soil quality. We currently source ours from Argentina. GOTS certifcation ensures high standards of environmental and social standards have been met.

Tree Resin

Responsibly sourced from European pine forests. Our suppliers hold ISO14001 - Environmental Management System OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health & Safety. We strive to always find better, and more ethical sources of materials, it's always being questioned. We're not perfect but we're aiming high!

The Back Story of your BeeBee

Because we batch number every single wrap that leaves BBHQ we can tell you the provenance story of each one. Keep your packaging and the batch number will tell us where the cotton was grown, when it was made at BBHQ and even where the beeswax came from in the UK. 

Plastic Free Packaging

All our packaging is plastic free and printed on FSC certified paper, we have a chain of custody to prove the paper was produced from sustainable forests. It's also recycled paper so it's been through the system at least once before. 

Whenever we post BeeBee's to you they'll never be any plastic. We use a paper tape with water based glue, cardboard boxes, and 'fluff'. Let us explain... Luana, our Fulfilment and Customer Services Manager packs all of the BeeBee dispatches and has affectionately named the brown paper we use to pack your boxes 'fluff'. The name has stuck!

Waste is Worrying So We Aim For Zero.

Waste waxed fabric is used as firelighters. You might find you can pick some up from our stand at one of the many events we attend. We may even pop some into your delivery occasionally. They're amazing at getting your BBQ or campfire going without any chemicals. Check out our video which shows Team BeeBee on the land having a toasty campfire. 

Energy Use and Emissions

We use renewable energy supplier and to reduce energy use further we’ve invested in a new waxing machine, our lovely Bertha, who is 30 times more efficient than our previous method. There's no chance of forty winks in the workshop either with brand new, low energy LED lighting.


Our cotton is mostly shipping or land freighted to us here in the UK, very occasionally we air freight but only when absolutely necessary. Because we batch number every single wrap that Team BeeBee make we can tell you the provenance story of each one, if you're adamant you don't want to buy air freighted goods then we can ensure this is the case. The remaining materials used to make BeeBee Wraps are all received by shipping or land freight.

We use zero emissions courier Zedify for all local deliveries, of course most of that is by bike, it's Cambridge after all!