The Cambridge Cheese Company makes move towards operating plastic free

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Back in September Jacky Sutton-Adam from The Cambridge Cheese Company got in touch following the tweet from Independent Cambridge about BeeBee Wraps. Jacky, a member of a grassroots community activist group Transition Cambridge was interested in working together to firstly reduce the amount of plastic consumed by The Cambridge Cheese Company but also to encourage customers to take up the 'no plastic' challenge too! Values strongly held up by Transition Cambridge who work to encourage sustainable planet-friendly lifestyle choices. 

Getting together for a chat brought about the idea for a custom BeeBee Wrap tEsther from Cambridge Cheesehat could not only replace the plastic film but also waxed paper. Waxed paper, whilst a much better option than plastic film, is still unsuitable for recycling or composting. The new custom-sized BeeBee Wrap is the perfect alternative; it measures the same 38cm x 25cm as the shop's waxed paper, yet is fully compostable and keeps cheese fresh and breathable. 

The BeeBee Wraps were delivered to Esther in the shop on All Saints Passage, Cambridge (see photo) and are used in the shop now. A two-pack of custom-sized wraps can be purchased for £14 alongside the finest cheeses you'll find this side of the moon, (in our humble opinion). With proper care, cheese lovers can expect their wraps to last up to a year. 

The Cambridge Cheese Company is so eager to get customers on board they've even started a loyalty card scheme. As well as bringing your reusable bags now bring a BeeBee Wrap to buy your cheese. Get a stamp for every cheese you take home in a BeeBeeWrap! Collect 6 stamps for 10% off your 7th purchase, all 15 stamps to claim a free 250g chunk of delicious English cheese, then completed cards are entered into a prize draw to win a £30 Luxury Cheese Bag!

Kath from BeeBee Wraps will be in the shop on 11 November demonstrating how to keep your cheese fresher than ever. Come by and say hi from 11 am and to start your loyalty card!

Thank you to Jacky for supporting BeeBee Wraps, and congratulations on taking such a pioneering and proactive move to reduce plastic consumption.

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