Social Enterprises - Why are they so important?

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Social entrepreneurship, whatever they're called they all share a core value. Creating real, scalable social or environmental positive change. 

And that is a very good thing. 

The 70,000 social enterprises working in the UK at the moment are not just taking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to the next level, they have turned the idea of businesses inside out to create organisations who are founded and built upon the mission to effect lasting positive change. 

Cycle schemes to mindfulness apps. Ethical clothing brands to affordable, renewable energy lighting. On-demand charitable donation service to a support network for leaders with kids.

You may have even used a social enterprise's services or products unaware of the altruistic element integral to their work.

Cambridge Social Ventures, part of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School works alongside entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their ventures. BeeBee Wraps counts itself lucky to be among those supported. Here are some more changing the world right now...

AmaElla designs and produces beautiful lingerie made from organic materials, such as cotton and bamboo, and ethically manufactured. AmaElla's wider vision is for a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.



Harry Specters Chocolates

Harry Specters builds confidence and hope in young people with autism by providing employment and free training whilst enabling them to produce award-winning chocolates. In doing so, this social enterprise aims to be a "great product, great cause" role model for other businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs.



The Coco

The Coco aims to challenge ‘fast fashion’ and ‘throwaway consumerism’ by creating the ultimate online marketplace for the conscious consumer. With an emphasis on knowledge-sharing, The Coco provides a curated selection of innovative brands that challenge the status quo with their commitment to sustainability and ethics. 


Prison Voicemail is an innovative voicemail service facilitating easier communication between prisoners and their families. Research shows that prisoners who are able to maintain contact or build better relationships with family members are less likely to re-offend than those that don't. Prison Voicemail aims to help strengthen prisoners' family ties, and in doing so, help prisons to reduce reoffending rates.



Jake's Boost

Jake's Boost is a health food business with two missions: de-cluttering people’s nutrition and fighting childhood food poverty in the UK. 


Leaders Plus enables talented women and men with young children to continue to develop their leadership careers while enjoying looking after their children. Too often talented parents feel they have to choose between being a good parent and a fulfilling leadership career - Leaders Plus wants to change this.


Where Does It Come From? creates high quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. Each garment has a code on the label so that the customer can trace their garment’s journey – right back to the cotton farm. We believe that this helps the customer to build a stronger connection to their clothes which will ultimately ensure that they love them more and shop more ethically in the future.  


Check out BeeBee Wraps's own story and discover why we're here doing this.


For more inspirational social enterprise news search #WhoKnew or #SocEnt. 

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