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How bad are baby wipes and tampons?


Did you know that research, from 2017, found that wet wipes counted for around 93% of the material that caused sewer blockages.


BeeBee & Leaf and Zero Waste Week

This week we’re celebrating Zero Waste Week, and looking at simple swaps you can make in your home to cut down, or eliminate, waste, culminating in a super collaborative Zero Waste Week hamper giveaway. Today we’re looking at baby wipes and sanitary products.


Spotlight on baby wipes and sanitary products

The UK uses 11 billion baby wipes a year – the vast majority single use and containing non-biodegradable plastic. Most tampons and sanitary pads are made from non-biodegradable plastic also. They take hundreds of years to decompose, and they are polluting our waterways and oceans.

Nick Mallos, director of the Trash Free Seas program at Ocean Conservancy, said the non-profit collected 27,938 used tampons and applicators on beaches around the world in a single day in 2015.


Cheeky wipes baby wipes kit

How can you make your baby wipes and sanitary products more sustainable?

If you use baby wipes for a baby’s bum instead try simple toilet paper, cotton wool with moisturiser, or try washable baby wipes. Cheeky Wipes do a brilliant range of reusable period pants, sanitary pads, baby wipes and make up remover pads. They also have a special range available with not for profit organisation City to Sea.

You can also find more eco-friendly tampon options, and of course there’s always the moon-cup if that suits you. The main thing to take from this is that you have options, so do take ten minutes to look into it and experiment.

Small change = big impact.

Check out Helen from Cheeky Wipes explain exactly how easy the baby wipe swa is!

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Kelly Morel

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