Meet Team BeeBee: Luana!

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Meet Luana who works in Team BeeBee as Production Supervisor and shoots all our amazing photos too!

What does an average day look like for you?

Busy, busy, busy! I arrive at BBHQ at 9AM and say good morning to my team. While having a coffee (soy milk, no sugar), I check my computer: sometimes we get a huge amount of orders during the night so checking what we are going to have to deal with is my main priority as soon as I get to work! When I have an idea of what’s happening sales-wise, my team is already been cracking on with tasks to do as we always have some work in progress from the day before so all I need to do is planning for more stock to be done and communicate our goals to the rest of the team. When everyone is aware of our action plan, I jump into production too and make Beebee wraps! Different tasks come up during the day: I reply to emails, manage deliveries, liaise with stockists, have meetings with Kath. My main role is to make sure production runs smoothly and our wraps are made at the highest standards. Every day can be different and there is also always something to do! At 5PM I say goodbye and cycle home (fun fact: 80% of Team Beebee cycle to work!).

What's your favourite part of working in Team BeeBee?

I think my favourite part is spending time with my team: everybody is so lovely and hard working, we are very close and enjoy being together. Everyone is always up to help, everyone’s opinion is important and stupid questions are just not a thing. We look after each other. There are moments where we are chatting away and being silly and laughing are lungs out; other times the workshop falls in a deep silence where everyone got “in the zone” and is just working away at the fastest speed. We can easily find our balance and it’s just nice to know I can count on my team, everyone is passionate about what we do and want Beebee wraps to be the best product ever. It’s like we are all in this together and I really enjoy having a job that allows me to be myself, have fun and work hard to do something good for the environment in a company I believe in.

Why did you want to work for BeeBee Wraps?

I moved to England in 2014 and, like everyone moving to a new country, I had big dreams. Life turned out to be tougher than expected: at the end of the day, I didn’t know anyone here and I had to provide for myself. My dreams didn’t match my finance status at all, so I ended up waitressing and nannying for most of my time here, doing photography on the side. After leaving the yet another waitressing job last summer, I decided I was done with that sort of life and I wanted to do something new, something I have never done before, something that I could actually end up enjoying and where I could possibly be creative. After travelling alone around Europe for 6 weeks, I started to have a look around and when I bumped into the Beebee wraps job advert I thought “This is it. This is what I want to do”. I was very happy to get called for an interview and when I met Kath, I really went for it. That was probably the only interview I have ever had where I didn’t feel nervous and I also felt like I could be 100% myself and the person on the other side would have appreciated it. I made Kath laugh a lot. When she asked me “Why do you think you should get this job?”, I replied “because I am amazing!” and, for once, I truly believed I was. I wanted a job that was different, that would have allowed me to be more creative and use my photography and video competence, that would have used and improved my skills and Beebee wraps gave me all of this.

Tell us something about you that we wouldn't guess?

I am a massive football fan. My team is Juventus, it’s an Italian team from Turin. I have being supporting the Old Lady since when I was 6 years old and I think Alessandro Del Piero is the best footballer that ever existed (he probably isn’t, but I won’t have any of that ok?). I am becoming quite fond of the Premier League too, even though I don’t have a favourite team yet. No worries, won’t be Chelsea or Arsenal. Ever. I am such a big Juventus fan that now even my English boyfriend became fond of them. And I am definitely taking all the credit for that! When national teams are playing, it’s another story. If England and Italy are playing against, my boyfriend and I are really likely to end up not talking to each other for a few hours. But when we are not playing against, we support each others’ teams: that worked out very well for me when Italy didn’t qualify for the last World Cup! When England got kicked out by Croatia, I was actually almost more upset then my boyfriend… I guess it’ll come home another time.

How does Luana chill out at the end of a busy BeeBee day?

Chill? What’s that? No, I am joking. I think my favourite way of chilling is watching Netflix and eating. Food is the best thing in the world: pizza is the way to my heart! I like going to the pub to watch the football, drawing and reading too. My boyfriend’s mum is always keeping some books on the side for me and I am growing quite fond of Liane Moriarty’s work. I also enjoy moaning a lot. It’s my way of letting stress out but really does my boyfriend’s head in. Maybe that’s also why I enjoy it! ;)

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  • Go Luana!!! Well said and I agree you truly are amazing!!
    Said supplier of Liane Moriarty books x

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