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Meet JJ, the young BeeBee advocate doing her bit for the environment

A couple of months ago, we attended the first Zero Waste Pop-Up Market set up by the Environment Networks at Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press for all their staff. 

The event was a hit, attracting over 400 people interested in shopping more sustainably from vendors Lush, Prospects Trust, Full Circle, Cam Home & Garden and we were thrilled to be there too!

The customers we spoke to showed so much enthusiasm towards BeeBee Wraps with many people sharing the same mindset and passion about our planet, but one young customer, in particular, has helped spread the message of sustainable living even further!

Andrew Field bought some BeeBee Wraps when he attended the market in October and says that their family are already seeing the positive impacts with the wraps “transforming” their daughter’s lunches. 

Andrew explained that “Due to a number of long-term health challenges, JJ finds eating a struggle but the BeeBee wraps have helped her wrap and take control of her lunch for the first time.” 

We were thrilled when we found out how much the wraps had helped JJ and that she had even created a beautiful poster to share with her classmates. It reduced Kath and many of us here at BBHQ to tears...happy ones!

This has, in turn, boosted her confidence to stand-up and share environmental issues at school and at home.

- Andrew

Getting them (the BeeBee wraps) at home has helped me be more environmentally friendly, but there is much more to do. If we don’t, the Earth is going to be gone.

- JJ

A true environmental champion who knows how to care for the earth and her BeeBee’s...

There’s just one problem with the wraps - Daddy doesn’t fold them properly, so I have to do it.

You tell him JJ! 

Click here for tips on how you can look after your BeeBee Wraps, and check out these tutorials for folding tips!

Rachel Karniely

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