What eco alternatives are there for clingfilm?

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Did you know that more than 1.2 billion metres of cling film is used by households across Britain every year – that’s enough to go around the circumference of the world 30 times over!


BeeBee & Leaf and Zero Waste Week

This week we’re marking Zero Waste Week by suggesting some simple swaps you can make in your home to cut down, or eliminate, waste. We’re showcasing companies who are tackling coffee cups, food storage, plastic waste, supermarket packaging, sanitary products, baby wipes, and bathroom products. Today it’s the turn of clingfilm.


Spotlight on clingfilm

Clingfilm is one of the top used single use plastics. It takes hundreds of years to degrade, and if it ends up in the sea it can then be digested by sea animals - killing them or ending up in our food chain.

It actually isn’t that useful to wrap food with either as it doesn’t allow it to breathe, so by the time you get to your sandwich at lunchtime it’s soggy and sweaty. The result – more waste. It’s also a really easy swap to make.

So, what are the alternatives to clingfilm?

BeeBee & Leaf wraps of course! Our British-made vegan and beeswax wraps are a reusable, earth friendly alternative to clingfilm and single-use plastic. They will last a year**, are fully compostable and will keep your food fresher for longer.

They’re self-sealing – responding to the heat of your hands and can be folded in a variety of different ways. They come in different designs and sizes – take a look at our range.

Here's a great round up on using BeeBee & Leaf wraps to ditch clingfilm forever. 

Plus a great round up from Kath on using BeeBee & Leaf wraps in your bathroom too!


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**If washed and cared for according to instructions.

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